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Episode 354 - Tim Hewett: The Non-Contact Injury

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In episode 354, the first episode of season 10 we’re joined by Dr. Tim Hewett a basic scientist, a researcher who’s spent 30 years looking at non-contact injuries. We talk about the mechanisms causing ACL tears, injury reduction programs, reconstruction - should it be done, if so which graft-type is best, and when to return to sport. All this and more - this week on MCF!

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    Episode 367 - Mark Aarts: A Listener's Reaction to Disabling Chronic Back Pain


    In episode 367 we’ve got another listeners reaction episode. We’re joined by Mr. Mark Aarts, a physiotherapist in Sweden - we’re chatting about disabling chronic back pain and impressions of our previous two guests, Dr. Peter O’Sullivan and Dr. Mark Laslett and their comments in the last two episodes and some thoughts of our own. This week in MCF!
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    Episode 366 - Dr. Mark Laslett: Disabling Chronic Back Pain


    In episode 366 we’re continuing on our focus on the disabled chronic back pain patient, today with Dr. Mark Laslett. We’ll hear about how he cared for this group early on and how he does now, what he has in common with Dr Peter O’Sullivan from last week and how he disagrees, a patient example and plenty more. To hear the entire episode go to your favorite podcast player or to
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    Episode 365 - Dr. Peter O'Sullivan: Disabling Chronic Back Pain


    In episode 365 we’re tackling another hot topic; disabling chronic back pain - this episode with Dr Peter O'Sullivan. He shares his past struggles with this population which led to him developing another classification system, his views of why other classification systems have failed, principles within cognitive functional therapy and more. This week on MCF!
  • Mechanical Care Forum podcast

    Episode 364 - Dr. Tim Zelch: A Listener's Reaction on Dry Needling


    In episode 364 we highlight another listeners reaction to our previous experts and episodes on the topic of dry needling. Dr. Tim Zelch a diplomat and fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists and also trained in dry needling shares his takeaways from the previous two episodes with Dr. Joe Donnelly and Dr. Ron Schenk, and he shares his own experience with dry needling to wrap up this miniseries. You can hear the entire episode on your favorite podcast player or at
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    Episode 363 - Ron Schenk: Trigger Point Dry Needling


    In episode 363 we continue with more talk on dry needling - this week with Dr. Ron Schenk, professor at Tufts University and published researcher on the topic as well. He shares his thoughts and his reactions to last weeks guest’s comments and his own perspective. This week on MCF.
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    Episode 362 - Joe Donnelly: Trigger Point Dry Needling


    In episode 362 we’re moving on to the topic of dry needling in physical therapy. Dr Joseph Donnelly, current president of the American academy of orthopaedic physical therapists therapy, joins us to share some of this modality’s history, his understanding of its physiological effect, the evidence, its appropriateness and more. This week on MCF!
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    Episode 361 - Brian Sorensen: PTs in Primary Care; A Listeners Reaction


    In episode 361 we wrap up our discussion on the topic of Physios in Primary Care and I’m joined by Mr Brian Sorensen, a physiotherapist in Aalborg, Denmark. We’re chatting about the past 3 episodes - our reactions, our similar and different opinions on this topic. This week on MCF.
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    Episode 360 - Dr. Lena Bornhoft: PTs in Primary Care


    In episode 360 we’re talking with Dr. Lena Bornhoft, a physiotherapist and PhD in Gothenburg, Sweden. The topic; PTs in primary care. We discuss what led her in this direction, what factors influence the use of physio in primary care, her research findings and more. This week on MCF!
  • Mechanical Care Forum podcast

    Episode 359 - Troy McGill: PTs in Primary Care


    In episode 359 we’re continuing our discussion in this mini-series on the topic of PTs in primary care providers. This week with Dr. Troy McGill, a director of rehab in Alaska and a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force. We talk about what should be required for a PT to function as a primary care provider, the pros and cons, if he thinks primary care by PTs could go bad and more. This week on MCF!
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    Episode 358 - John Miller: PTs in Primary Care


    In episode 358 we’re shifting our focus and talking about physical therapists as a primary care providers with Lieutenant Colonel John Miller. He’s the Chief of Specialty Services at Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Centers at Fort Meade, in Maryland, USA. We talk about his experience before, when he didn’t have one and now when he does have a primary care role. His views on what should be required and the pros and cons or benefits and risks of serving in this role. This week on MCF!

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