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Ep 187 Simple Pleasures

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Zach is fretting about the sizes of circles. Laura is sniffing strangers in parks. This leads to a great discussion and exercise about finding simple pleasures in life and allowing those to ground you.

They also circle back to a previous episode where they hashed out some conflict. 

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    Ep 198 Consent


    Zach's hair is apparently looking good. Laura shows her lack of knowledge of the Marvel Universe. Zach is getting into meditation. They both share some insights they have recently received from clients.  They go on to discuss consent, but probably not in the way you are thinking. 
  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 197 New Year's Values and Practices


    Laura had a hard Christmas. Zach is leaning into virtual reality. They discuss the fun new games they have been playing lately.    Zach shares how dying repeatedly in his new VR game has taught him some valuable tools for how to engage in conflict and relational failure. He and Laura then share some New Year practices and values.
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  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 196 Asexuality with Anthony Bogaert


    In this final episode of 2021 Laura interviews leading researcher in asexuality Anthony Bogaert, Ph.D.  
  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 195 5ish Ways to Ruin Your Holidays


    Laura has been looking back at what a good last few months she has had. Zach has whittled down his social media list to two.    They discuss 5ish ways you can ruin your holidays. There are some great cautionary tales as well as some insight into how to prepare and be proactive in your relationship around the holidays.   
  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 194 Marriage and Parenting with Stephen James


    Laura is out with a migraine so Zach flies solo to interview his long-time friend Stephen James. Stephen shares some great nuggets of wisdom on both marriage and parenting.   
  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 193 Attribution


    Both back from separate trips to Disneyland, Laura is getting ready for her 75 Hard challenge. Zach is pacing it with a 45 Medium.    They discuss the transformative power we all possess to reframe our conversations by attributing positive motivations to our partner's words and actions. 
  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 192 Age and Power Differences


    Prompted from Taylor Swift's latest single (and Laura's love for Jake Gyllenhaal), Zach brings the topic of age differences in romantic relationships. It leads to a great conversation about power and influence. 
  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 191 Spreading Hope and Giving Love with Craig Smith.


    Zach and Laura welcome Craig Smith to discuss the hope that can come from clarifying your values and taking action to love yourself and others more. 
  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 190 Journey Beyond Divorce with Karen McMahon


    Zach and Laura jump right into an interview with Karen McMahon from Journey Beyond Divorce,
  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 189 Emotional Banking


    After some discussion of Zach's morning routine, Laura brings up a struggle she is seeing in some couples: one or both of them not contributing to the emotional bank account.   

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