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Ep 178 A.R.E. you there for your partner?

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Laura helps Zach reminisce about his favorite bar that closed down a few years ago. Laura is thrilled about her sex ed. 

Laura brings the topic of Emotionally Focused Therapy to discuss if you ARE there for your partner. 

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    Ep 192 Age and Power Differences


    Prompted from Taylor Swift's latest single (and Laura's love for Jake Gyllenhaal), Zach brings the topic of age differences in romantic relationships. It leads to a great conversation about power and influence. 
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    Ep 191 Spreading Hope and Giving Love with Craig Smith.


    Zach and Laura welcome Craig Smith to discuss the hope that can come from clarifying your values and taking action to love yourself and others more. 
  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

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  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 190 Journey Beyond Divorce with Karen McMahon


    Zach and Laura jump right into an interview with Karen McMahon from Journey Beyond Divorce,
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    Ep 189 Emotional Banking


    After some discussion of Zach's morning routine, Laura brings up a struggle she is seeing in some couples: one or both of them not contributing to the emotional bank account.   
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    Ep 188 Relational Life Therapy with Shane Birkel.


    Zach and Laura get a chance to discuss different couple therapy models with Shane Birkel of The Couple Therapist Couch podcast. 
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    Ep 187 Simple Pleasures


    Zach is fretting about the sizes of circles. Laura is sniffing strangers in parks. This leads to a great discussion and exercise about finding simple pleasures in life and allowing those to ground you. They also circle back to a previous episode where they hashed out some conflict. 
  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 186 Being on the Same Team with Kristine Lilly


    Zach talks with Kristine Lilly, a USWNT legend, about what it means to be part of a team and also how to balance work and play both on the field and in a relationship. They also discuss the universal truth of how it really is the little things that ultimately yield big results. 
  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 185 Zach & Laura Hash it Out


    Laura brings a grievance she has with Zach to work it out in real-time. The tension is real and leads to a genuine conversation that displays both skill and care in resolving the conflict. 
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    Ep 184 You Go, Girl


    Zach and Laura wish their very first listener a happy birthday. Laura is getting her wardrobe together.    They go on to discuss the trend Laura is seeing in her practice of women facing identity crisis with boldness and strength. 
  • Marriage Therapy Radio podcast

    Ep 183 Building Trust


    Laura is taking into a shoe on an uncomfortably long girl's weekend while looking for age-appropriate clothes. Zach is using all his human resources.  They go on to discuss the 5 pillars of building trust in your relationship. 

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