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Whole Competition Hog, Grilla Grills Silverbac & Homemade Summer Sausage Recipe

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In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, We are BACK IN BUSINESS for Season 6 (0:33)! Super Bowl weekend is FINALLY here (2:22). During the break we had some MOUTH WATERING foods (3:30). Malcom clears the air about having “canned” turnip greens for New Years Day (5:43). I FINALLY convinced Malcom to put Blue Plate on his cornbread (07:25) Duck meat is TRULY a hidden gem of meat (8:28). Malcom recreated his Walmart prime rib for Christmas and it was TO DIE FOR (12:06). Malcom’s Deer Summer Sausage recipe is coming along quickly (15:12)! I can’t stop thinking about our upcoming Birria Taco Recipe (17:54). Malcom smoked a Whole Hog on Outlaw’s new smoker “The HAWG” (24:54). I ask Malcom all about his new Grilla Grill Chimp He’s been using here lately (34:53), and why he always keeps his grill open when he lights them (39:30). We take a deep dive into FireBall’s recent controversy (41:05). Over the break, someone sent us a WHOLE GALLON of Blue Plate Mayo (44:44). We start a NEW weekly segment of answering YOUR community questions (49:53). Malcom gives the rundown of how he would cook up some Chicken Tacos for a large catering event (50:20). How should you go about cooking MULTIPLE dishes all at one temperature (55:48)? Finally we close out with how Malcom would cook a DELICIOUS Elk Roast (59:40)!

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