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WCBCC ‘23 Recap, Memorial Day BBQ & Barbecue Half Chicken Recipe

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Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we are BACK from Memphis in May (00:24)! Our live podcast on the river didn’t go quite as planned (04:08)... Malcom and I got trapped in an elevator (05:31). I pick Malcom’s brain about our MOUTH WATERING turn-ins from last Friday (10:52), and the infamous pitcher of bullfrog did not last long at our tent this year (12:45). What BBQ is on the menu for Malcom’s Memorial Day weekend (17:11)? Malcom gives the rundown on his recent chicken obsession (19:15), including his brand new BBQ Chicken Halves recipe (27:40)! Malcom is a Smoked Sausage Connoisseur (38:10), and he got nostalgic on some “Fancy Beanie Weenies'' (42:13). What are some of the BEST ways to keep flies away from your grilling area (46:04)? This is how you carry a brisket on an airplane (50:41). Finally, Malcom gives his go-to recipe for Smoked Potato Salad (51:26).

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