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Trimming WHOLE Spare Ribs, Sausage Seasoned Ribs & Memphis in May 2023

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In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we got to try a TOP SECRET new Blue Plate Mayo product (00:21)... We’ve been working pretty diligently behind the scenes recently (7:56). Malcom’s bowling days must be behind him (10:47). Malcom fried up some MOUTH-WATERING catfish this weekend (13:16). I pick Malcom’s brain all about his brand new Sausage Seasoned Rib recipe (15:38). We made it into Memphis in May (42:15)! What does flouring bacon do to it while it’s cooking (44:11)? What’s Malcom’s go-to Asian BBQ Rub (50:24)? Someone in the community page hasn’t seen the Chili’s commercial (52:00)... Finally we close out with what we’ve got coming up this spring break (55:29)!


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