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Talking BBQ at Memphis In May ‘23

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Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we are LIVE at the Mississippi River down at Memphis in May 2023 (00:12)! Malcom made him and I some Bloody Marys (01:07). What’s the process of getting ready for Memphis in May (02:04)? What are Malcom’s WILDEST stories from Memphis in Mays of the past (06:06)? It may have been a long time since we last cooked a whole hog, but we are FIRED up to compete again (13:38)! What are Malcom and I’s go-to Bloody Mary recipes (15:58)? Malcom gives the meaty details on his newest ‘FALL OFF THE BONE’ Rib recipe (19:53). There’s definitely lots of Blue Plate at our tent, this year (24:40). Malcom gives the juicy details on what his PERFECT pulled pork sandwich looks like (26:20)... What are Malcom’s recommendations for a Griddle for all kinds of home cooking (29:11)? Why the hell is National BBQ Day allowed to fall during the week (31:04)?

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