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Smoking a WHOLE HOG in Under 6 Hours feat. Swine Life BBQ

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On today’s episode of the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we introduce our guest, Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ, to talk about cooking whole hogs and to recap our Palmer Home Event (00:22). We talk about Jay Craig from Outlaw BBQ Smokers, and his help with providing smokers to cook (01:22). This is Outlaw’s NEWEST Pit, the “Hoss” Hog Smoker (01:51). What lessons and tricks did Mark learn from cooking on the “Hoss” pit (04:24)? Mark explains temperature fluctuations and time control when cooking full hogs (06:35). You could’ve eaten the hog skin like chips… (08:08). Deboning a WHOLE pig is tough (10:55). What is a “Split Head” on a pig (12:35)? Malcom’s reactions to food are TRUTHFUL (15:12). This was the start and finish of cooking the whole hog during the Palmer Home Event (16:14). This is why you SHOULDN’T inject with Phosphates (18:11). After post-injection, Mark goes into further detail on the hog cook (21:20). We pre-gamed our guests with Bloody Marys (23:10). Let’s talk about fire boxes and barrels (24:25). How often should you run your coal between baskets (25:33)? This guy makes “NASA” level hog pits… (26:12) We provided our guests with Comp Style A-9 Wagyu Briskets from The Butcher Shoppe (27:30). Mark explains the purpose of microwave shelves on burners (30:25). We RUINED brisket for some of our guests (32:11), and Mark talks about how fast the “Hoss” can heat up (33:07). Some of our guests ate till it HURT (36:25), and the Bullfrog drink didn’t make it very long (38:54). Malcom is one with the element when around Whiskey… (40:12) Malcom is now OFFICIALLY a Kentucky Colonel (41:08). This was the ending to a great dinner event (43:18). Mark breaks down the anatomy and dissection of a pig (45:35). Thank you to our supporters, donors, and friends (47:15)! What NEW videos does Swine Life BBQ have coming out (49:08)?

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