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Pork Butt Injections & Mr. Beast Burger vs. In and Out Burger

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On today’s episode of the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and Tyler become professional YouTubers at VidSummit 2022 (00:24), and Malcom made a MONSTER Ribeye Sandwich (03:03). Conferences are a great place to come up with fresh new ideas (08:04), and Mr. Beast Burger was really something else (14:17)... Tyler and Malcom had a WILD week (18:25), and LAX really needs to do something about their airport (31:16). Should you remove the membrane off ribs your cooking at home (38:50), and why do people really inject pork butts (40:39)? Chili season is FINALLY upon us (44:42)! Malcom discusses his BIG crossover with Gamekeeper Butchery, where you can get some delicious wildgame (58:02).

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