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Kentucky Colonels, Cooking Exotic Wildgame & Walmart Prime Rib Recipe

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In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom is home from a successful hunting trip to Texas (00:42). Malcom discusses the different deer he hunted (03:52), what deer he ACTUALLY brought home (06:35), and ALL of the MOUTH-WATERING food he had while out of town (08:53)! Malcom’s Walmart Prime Rib Recipe has been making waves on YouTube (19:21)! Why does prime rib ALWAYS looks like it’s overdone (32:16)? Malcom’s Horseradish Sauce (feat. Blue Plate Mayo) worked PERFECTLY with the prime rib recipe (35:15). While out of town, Malcom’s Kentucky Colonel Membership bestowed him the “Drinking Man’s HIGHEST Honor” (36:26). We take some time to dive deep into some recent community recipes that have caught our eyes (41:15). Finally we wrap up with what’s in store next year for the HowToBBQRight podcast (52:29)!

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