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How to Organize a BBQ Competition & WEIRD TikTok Food Challenges

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On today’s episode of the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we start off by discussing final preparations for the Water Tower Festival, in which we are hosting a BBQ competition (00:26). Malcom then talks about his awful experience with the Paqui One Chip Challenge (02:50). There is a new trending TikTok challenge called “Sleepy Chicken” (05:16). Go to Sam’s Club if you want good deals on meat (08:25). We go more in depth with the Water Tower Festival BBQ competition (10:26). What does it take to organize a BBQ competition (13:55)? We provide even more information on our scoring and judging system for the competition (19:27). Where should you source your meat for a BBQ competition (27:02)? Is providing meat a good or bad thing as an organizer? Does it follow “Chell Law” (31:20)? Does price increase in meat or bringing our own meat affect participation in competition (36:17)? The judging part of a BBQ Competition can be super chaotic (37:22)! How do you get sponsorships (40:57)? Why are One-Day BBQ Competitions ALWAYS the best (43:42)? What doesn’t work on those little Hawaiian Rolls? Now we know breakfast certainly does (44:33). These new Udder Condiment Dispensers are… uncomfortable (53:44). Kevin from The Butcher Shoppe has won ANOTHER award (56:24). Should a Pork Butt be cooked fat side up or fat side down (57:03)?

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