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How to Brine, Smoke & Inject TURKEY for Thanksgiving

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In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, it’s FINALLY time to start getting those turkeys out and ready for Thanksgiving day (00:41), and I need some more details about Malcom’s Mesquite Smoked Turkey (06:07). Can you brine AND inject a turkey (15:55)? Use Blue Plate to get CRISPY skin on your Thanksgiving Turkey (26:20). Malcom discusses a few of his side dish recipes you HAVE to try this holiday season (34:50): his “Better-Than-Canned” Cranberry Sauce (38:23), and his savory “Thanksgiving Leftovers'' Sliders (40:44)! The Let’s Get to Cookin’ Community had a few Turkey questions for us (44:00), and what is Malcom Reed cooking for his Thanksgiving Dinner (56:01)?

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