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Homemade Gumbo, Hog Jowl & Boudin King Cake Recipe

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In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, We survived the Mid-South Ice Storm of 2023 (00:22). During our time at home, Malcom really got down to cooking inside (04:24), and broke into his hog jowl stash (07:49)! Super Bowl Sunday is JUST AROUND THE CORNER (12:16)! What did Malcom cook for the last week of hunting season (14:42)? Potato Salad and Gumbo is a thing, and it’s freaking delicious (20:21)… I get the spill on Malcom’s recent Boudin King Cake recipe (22:29). What exactly is Boudin(33:15)? It’s time for us to start planning out our competitions for the year (40:35). What do we have planned for Super Bowl Sunday (44:03)? Wanna win some cool HowToBBQRight Swag (45:56)? We take a deep dive into the community questions for the week with, “What is a ‘London Broil’” (50:31)? Can meat juices put out your fire on a drum smoker (53:30)? If you were going to cook pork butts for a party, how many should you be smoking (55:18)? Chimichurri Rub is the absolute best (57:33)! 


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