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Grilling for the Super Bowl & BBQ on the Blackstone

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In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, our trip to the Caribbean is just a few days away (01:26)! What exactly is a “Tammy” (02:31)? Malcom actually ALREADY has a London Broil recipe (05:27). Malcom’s been doing A LOT of grilling on his new Adventure Series Blackstone (07:55). Malcom’s Super Bowl approved recipes: Philly Cheesesteak Burger, (16:58) Spicy Avocado Ranch Dip, (24:54), Crawfish Rotel (31:14), and his Super BBQ Chicken Sandwich (37:33)! What in the world is an “Atomic Buffalo Turd'' (40:45)? Malcom takes a dive into some of his FAVORITE football foods for this Sunday (41:47). What’s going on in the “Let’s Get to Cookin’” Community (47:14)? Can you smoke cream cheese in advance, and have it ready the next day (47:23)? What’s the correct way to grill wings on a pellet grill (49:54)? Is it fine to ONLY use charcoal in your Weber Kettle (53:06)? How should you cook a rump roast for the big game (54:06)? Can’t find Captain Rodney’s Glaze? Here’s a copy-cat recipe (57:33)! What are Malcom’s Super Bowl plans, this year (59:53)?

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