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Gravity Fed Smokers, BEST BBQ in Memphis & Smoked Seafood Recipes

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In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom had some KILLER eats down in Biloxi this past week (00:42). Our trip down to Fire Dancer BBQ HQ was awesome and delicious (12:55). Malcom’s Smokehouse is in its final stages (16:44). We had a little less of a traditional Easter dinner (20:34), and Malcom’s ‘Low Country Boil’ recipe was a huge hit (29:28)! Some people REALLY love Fall of the Bone ribs (40:54)! Does milk actually help in the event of eating spicy food (48:10)? Ham has to be the main meat of Easter (54:30). Use THESE recipes for potatoes served with steak (55:23). Malcom has to get his hands on a Gravity Fed Smoker (1:00:52), and these are the best food stops in Memphis for delicious barbecue (1:04:13).

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