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Carne Guisada, Cold Smoked Salmon & Blackstone Hot Dogs

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In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, the weather down here has been pretty rough (00:23). Malcom whipped up some delicious Carne Guisada, this weekend (03:51). Things are finally starting to look like spring down south (09:56). Making Hot Dogs on the Blackstone is TOUGH work (13:32)! Malcom is working on his Cold Smoked Salmon recipe (21:08). There will be new scenery in the videos pretty soon (28:34)… We’re going to Hogs 4 the Cause with Blue Plate (49:00)! Memphis in May is just around the corner (56:34 ). I want to know if Malcom is down to try out 16 MILLION Scoville Hot Sauce (59:43)… We discuss this new TikTok trend of putting avocados in water to keep them fresh for longer (1:02:04). If Malcom had to buy his last grill, what would it be (1:05:31)?

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