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Best Bahamian Food, Lobster Rolls & Pepper Crusted Filet Recipe

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In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’re BACK from our trip to the Bahamas (00:22)! We kinda missed out on Mardi Gras this year (00:41)... We had some FANTASTIC food while we were on vacation (03:42)... What was the BEST food we ate while on the islands (09:59)? Malcom has to show the islanders how to make authentic Jerk Chicken (12:53). There was Tartar Sauce EVERYWHERE in the Bahamas (15:48). We had some KILLER drinks over the break (19:06), but Malcom really showed his age at the bar (24:08)... I pick Malcom’s brain about his New Lobster Tail and Pepper Crusted Filet recipes (26:12). Crawfish season is ALMOST HERE (41:45)! We talk all about the “Velveting'' Technique (45:12). Our Next Community Giveaway is NOW LIVE (54:00)! The BBQ in the Bahamas was ROUGH (56:30). Can you eat Alligator during Lent (58:21)? What’s up next at HowToBBQRight HQ (1:01:03)?

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