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BBQ Hall of Fame, Partying at Memphis in May & Best Restaurants in Memphis

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Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Memphis in May is only one week away (00:25)! We’re gonna attempt the impossible at WCBCC, this year (07:20)! Malcom has some very big news to share with y’all… (11:35), and we even dropped a few new products (14:54). What are the BEST restaurants to eat in Memphis (17:37)? Malcom gives the spill on some of his KILLER new recipes, like the BBQ Pasta Salad (25:40), and his MOUTH-WATERING Denver Steak (29:54)! Malcom takes a stroll down memory lane with his Burnt ass chicken recipe (33:31). Malcom reminisces on some of his glory days partying at Memphis in May (40:22).. How do you harvest a Peach Tree to use as smoking wood (45:49)? These are the best practices for buying meat in the grocery store (47:52). Finally, we close out with some of our upcoming giveaways, and what’s in store for the next HowToBBQRight Podcast (55:00)?

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