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Kitty Truax

Are you ready to light up the sky? This podcast is for the soul seeking Sisters and magical Misters. A beginner friendly way to learn about connecting to the mystical Moon and natural energies of the Universe. We talk astrology, energy, tarot, chakras, cosmic awesome and Everyday M.A.G.I.C. Take what you need and leave the rest.✨

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  • Magic Moon Faze podcast

    Full Moon in Aries 2021


    Magic MF Links::: The full moon in Aries shines with inspired action plans... bringing our purpose (and our people) together in one big, magical dance. Now - what fills you with energy, under the balanced Libra Sun? No more starting just to stop... on our way to the top... because NOW is the time to Get. Shit. Done Cheers to the restart button 
  • Magic Moon Faze podcast

    New Moon in Libra 2021


    The airy scales of Libra bring our relationships to light, to see who needs more boundaries, and which people - to us - feel juuuuust right. Now is the time to show up for one another - so we are all heard, acknowledged & seen, for when love is always the answer, we can connect to the Power of WE. Magic MF Links  Leave us a review if you dig the show... for that is the most beautiful way to grow. Thank you Witches & Wixards! 
  • Magic Moon Faze podcast

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  • Magic Moon Faze podcast

    Mabon : Autumn Equinox 2021


    Happy Mabon, Witches & Wixzards!! <3 Thank you for your listens, subscribes & shares! I appreciate you! Find me here: When the sun slips into Libra, the wheel turns once again - into the harvest season of Fall, as the Summer comes to an end. With gratitude we hail the Earth for all she has bestowed... and balance ourselves for the Winter ahead - now turning INWARD to grow.
  • Magic Moon Faze podcast

    Full Moon in Pisces 2021


    Magic MF Links : Book a session, find & follow on IG  When the Full Moon shines in Pisces - trust in our intuition grows, sinking us deeper into the Ether & our connection to the Cosmos. Through our dreams & subconscious, the Pisces fish will always show, that in order to create, we also must destroy - for our magic to truly flow. Thank you for your support, subscribes & shares - this podcast is made with love to all of those seeking deeper understanding of themselves through the cycles of the Moon & the Craft of the WITCH <3 
  • Magic Moon Faze podcast

    New Moon in Virgo 2021


    "Everything in moderation, leaves nothing to excess," exclaims Virgo the Maiden when asked about success, "for the Goddess is in the details & how we show up for ourselves each day... when you believe in yourself and the worth that YOU bring - it becomes easy to pave your own way." Witches & Wizards - find me here:   IG: @MagicMoonFaze FB: Magic MF Thank you for the support, shares, subscribes & for reaching out to connect! 
  • Magic Moon Faze podcast

    What's a 'Blue' Moon?


    MagicMF Links "Its a powerfully rare occurrence when the moon above is 'blue,' providing us a 2nd chance for our intentions to come true. As the moon is full, the veil is thin - with stronger vibrations coming through, utilize this energy to achieve the goals that mean the most to you." - KT Happy Blue Moon, Witches & Wixards! May we come together to raise the vibe of our collective now & always. 
  • Magic Moon Faze podcast

    New Moon in Leo 2021


    Magic MF Links When the moon moves into Leo, that means it's time to shine... bright like the sun (cause where there's flow there is fun)  when you're authentic ALL of the time. So put on your crown, be true to yourself, and show up in ways you are proud... show off your power, talents & skills - that make your badass stand out from the crowd. Challenge: Step into your true, authentic & genuine self - what does it feel like to take up space & be BOLD? Reach out to me to chat, book a tarot session or connect for some energy healing --> Need a rad energy to speak at your next event? I'd love to hear how I can help your collective connect more to the cosmos!
  • Magic Moon Faze podcast

    Lammas / Lughnasadh


    Magic MF Links Even though it is still bright, the Sun in the sky begins to wane, and at this time we celebrate the first harvest of our grain. We now have reached the crossroads, between the Summer & Autumn... as the Sun God Lugh, continues to shine through, may the fear of failure be forgotten. Cheers Witches & Wixards!!! Blessings of abundance, generosity & gratitude! Thank you for sharing, supporting, subscribing & being a part of the Magic MF crew!
  • Magic Moon Faze podcast

    Full Moon in Aquarius 2021


    Find, Follow & Friend me : / IG: @magicmoonfaze / Links When the full moon shines in Aquarius - the bearer of water flow... it awakens the collective to shake things up with new ways to thrive & grow. So step into your creative greatness in the bright lights of the Leo sun.... BE THE CHANGE with your contribution & live your truth knowing we are all ONE.
  • Magic Moon Faze podcast

    New Moon in Cancer 2021


    MagicMF Links Do you accept the challenges mentioned in this episode? Reach out & share with me: As the Sun shines in Cancer, we feel our emotional needs begin to rise to the surface from the watery depths of the crab. When the Moon moves in to greet these emotions, we are given the opportunity to shine light on what we actively distract ourselves from in order to feel them, reflect on them & HEAL them. Thank you for the love, Witches & Wizards! Support this podcast by subscribing, sharing & sending it to your fave peeps!

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