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We Belong — With Alexis Michelle

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Belonging — being who you are and being accepted and embraced for who you are — is important for children and for all people.

In this episode four kids (Providence, River, Valencia, and Yonatan) discuss what it means to belong — and how to grow feelings of belonging. The kids and Todd then go on an imaginary journey to the Land of Qook-a-lackas, where they meet with a Qook-a-lacka named Quinnie, who needs help figuring out how to help the Link-a-doos, who are coming to the Land as refugees after a superstorm hit their Island. 

On this episode, the role of Quinnie the Qook-a-lacka is played by Alexis Michelle. Alexis Michelle is a performer from New York City, most recently seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 (Paramount), finishing in the top 4! 

The original song in the episode, "Just as You Are!" is written and performed by composer and educator Benjamin Weiner. 

Sound design and mixing is by Ahmed Ashour, and the ukulele music you hear is by actor and composer Bill English. 

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