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Imagination Time!

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Using our imaginations might seem like a basic part of childhood, but imagination plays an important role in childhood and in life: it builds creativity and independence, social and problem-solving skills, teamwork and empathy. 

In this episode — the first in Season 3! — three kids (Shaelan, Sameia and Hunter) discuss the power of imagination with host Todd Loyd. Then they journey together to the Land of Qook-a-lackas at the invitation of the Qook-a-lacka Mayor, who needs help imagining a new playground for the Qook-a-leekies. 

On this episode, the role of the Mayor is played by Nadiyah Dorsey. a veteran of stage and screen. The original song, "You Can Use Your Imagination!" is written and mixed by composer and educator Benjamin Weiner. Sound design and mixing is by Ahmed Ashour, and the ukulele music you hear is by actor and composer Bill English. 

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