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Bonus: Imagination Interview with "Not a Box" Author/Illustrator, Antoinette Portis

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On last week's episode, "Imagination Time!," we flexed our imagination muscles with three kids — Shaelan, Sameia and Hunter. After recording, our host — Todd Loyd — was lucky to explore the power of imagination with Antoinette Portis, the award winning author/illustrator of "Not a Box" and many other modern classics in children's picture books. 

This conversation with Antoinette will help parents and caregivers learn more about where imagination and inspiration come from. It will help them think about how to learn FROM kids about using their imaginations to change the world. 

This season, in addition to our regular episodes with and for kids, we are including bonus interviews with luminaries like Antoinette to dive into the social and emotional topics we explore on Little Kids, Big Hearts. We hope parents and caregivers love ❤️ these conversations as much as we do. 

Antoinette made her picture-book debut with the New York Times best-selling "Not A Box," an American Library Association Seuss Geisel Honor book, and one of the New York Times Ten Best Illustrated Books of the Year. She was a recipient of the 2010 Sendak Fellowship. Antoinette got a BFA at the UCLA School of Fine Arts and then spent years in the world of design and advertising. She was a creative director, then a VP, at Disney before she took a flying leap to pursue her sixth-grade dream of writing and illustrating picture books.

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