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334: How to Manage Business Growth in the Digital Economy with Lukas Michel & Herb Nold

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For this episode of LID Radio Podcast, we’re joined by Lukas Michel and Herb Nold to talk about their book The Transition of Organizations: Managing for Growth at Each Stage of the Organization’s Life Cycle.
About Lukas Michel & Herb Nold

Lukas Michel is the founder of Management Insights, with over 30 years' senior executive experience, supporting executives worldwide with agile management. He is the author of six management books.  Dr Herb Nold is a professor of business administration at Polk College, Florida. He holds a doctorate of management in organizational leadership).
About The Transition of Organizations

The book explores various common patterns of management styles and then offers transition strategies to help managers succeed in the digital economy. The authors guide leaders to prepare for these transitions by laying the foundations or infrastructure needed to prevent a crisis that inhibits further growth. They also provide leaders with a greater understanding of the growth framework, which will help leaders to manage better the development of their companies. 

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