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330: Leading with Mindful Command with Sally-Anne Airey

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In today's episode of LID Radio Podcast, we're joined by Sally-Anne Airey to talk about her first book Mindful Command: The Way of the Evolving Leader

About Sally-Anne Airey

Sally-Anne Airey is the founder of Skilful Leaders where she coaches leaders and their teams to become who they really want to be and to do the work they really want to do. Earlier, in her 23-year career in the Royal Navy she was at the forefront of leadership practice and development. She left as a commander, and the Navy’s first serving mother.

About Mindful Command

In Mindful Command, Sally-Anne delivers the lessons she learnt in her impressive career in a clear and accessible way. Introducing her Mindful Command framework, she simplifies the journey for others treading the path to developing real leadership skills. 

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