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328: What role does money play in our happiness? with Chris Budd

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In this episode of LID Radio, we’ve got Chris Budd with us to talk about his new book The Four Cornerstones of Financial Wellbeing. He also shares what role money plays in our happiness and how to create a financial wellbeing plan.
Chris Budd is the founder of the Institute for Financial Wellbeing and is the Chairman of Ovation Finance. He is the author of The Financial Wellbeing Book (part of LID’s Concise Advice series).
The Four Cornerstones of Financial Wellbeing presents an understanding of our finances that is defined not in terms of wealth or status, but by your happiness. Through a four-cornerstone approach, it provides practical advice on how to create a financial wellbeing plan that will help you focus away from simply accumulating wealth, and instead focus on enjoying your life.

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