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Conversations with students, teachers, and professionals on the importance of continuous learning in health care and beyond.

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  • Learning Paths podcast

    Michelle Lizotte-Waniewski


    Though she didn't always plan on a career in education, Michelle Lizotte-Waniewski clearly has a lot of passion for helping others succeed. As the lead course director for basic sciences and the director of student success and wellness at the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, Dr. Lizotte-Waniewski has supported many medical students on their journeys, and she’s learned a lot herself about effective approaches to both academic and personal development.  
  • Learning Paths podcast

    Suraj Samtani


    Medical oncologist Dr. Suraj Samtani discusses his approach to professional development, and his contributions to research and educational projects that he hopes will improve outcomes for cancer patients across Latin America.
  • Learning Paths podcast

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  • Learning Paths podcast

    Richard Schwartzstein


    Dr. Richard Schwartzstein has had a long, diverse career as a physician and teacher. In this edition of the Learning Paths podcast, the Harvard Medical School professor speaks with HMX faculty director Michael Parker about his professional motivations and the unique challenges and rewards of teaching - both in the classroom and online.  
  • Learning Paths podcast

    Siyan Xu


    After seven years working at Novartis, Siyan Xu has learned a lot. Not just about biostatistics, pharmacometrics, and clinical trials, but also about the most effective ways to work with others and grow in her career. In this episode of Learning Paths, she takes a look back at her experiences and offers some tips for those considering a career in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Learning Paths podcast

    Briah Barksdale


    Though she’s long had an interest in pursuing medicine, Briah Barksdale hasn’t always believed in her own academic ability. During high school and college, she’s pushed herself to take on challenges that build her understanding and boost her confidence. In this episode of Learning Paths, she talks about strategies that have worked for her, and outlines her plans for her future as a physician-scientist.
  • Learning Paths podcast

    Ana Castillo Orozco


    There are many steps on the path to a doctoral degree, and it’s not always clear how to get from one to the next. Ana Castillo Orozco has made the most of her experiences, whether working in the lab, teaching students, or taking a wide variety of courses to learn more about her chosen field. In this episode, Ana shares how her proactive approach has helped her in pursuing a PhD in human genetics.
  • Learning Paths podcast

    Nathan Magtoto


    After earning an undergraduate degree in public health sciences, Nathan Magtoto decided it was time to take a step back and figure out what he really wanted to do. Four years later, he’s pursued a variety of educational opportunities, and helped others grow while working as a teacher and an athletic coach. In this episode, Nathan shares his intentional approach to his career, and how his experiences have influenced his next step.
  • Learning Paths podcast

    Mark Silcock


    Mark Silcock grew up dreaming of becoming a pharmacist, and he did – but his career has since taken turns that he couldn’t have anticipated when he first set out. In this episode of Learning Paths, he talks about his approach to making big decisions and taking calculated risks – even if that means moving halfway around the world.
  • Learning Paths podcast

    Angie Sørensen


    Angie Sørensen didn’t always plan on a career in health, but her passion for helping others and her interest in the human body led her to pursue an unexpected path. In this episode of Learning Paths, Angie shares her professional journey and explains how taking on new educational challenges has benefited her health and wellness career.
  • Learning Paths podcast

    Kate McDonnell-Dowling


    Kate McDonnell-Dowling’s interest in pharmacology has taken her around the world, in classrooms and clinics from Ireland to Australia to the United States. She is currently a lecturer in biological chemistry and molecular pharmacology at Harvard Medical School, where she leads courses as part of the HMX online learning team. In this episode, Kate shares strategies she finds most effective for teaching in person and online - and what she learned from managing both at once as part of a unique hybrid course at the Harvard Extension School. Learn more about Kate's online pharmacology course.

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