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Interview a Taiwanese Girl Living in Singapore : Singaporean Mandarin V.S. Taiwanese Mandarin 新加坡的台灣女生 : 新加坡華語V.S.臺灣華語

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1:36 你在新加坡住多久了? How long have you lived in Singapore?
1:59 為什麼一開始想去新加坡? Why did you want to go to Singapore in the first place?
2:13 新加坡人對臺灣的第一印象是什麼? What's singaporean's first impression of Taiwanese people?
2:57 新加坡人可以馬上聽得出來我們的口音不一樣  Singaporean can distinguish our accent differences very fast.
3:42 我對新加坡華語的刻板印象 My Stereotype to Singaporean Mandarin/Singlish
4:14 Lily 給了一些真實生活的例子 Lily gave her real-life examples about Singlish
5:03 新家坡華語 跟 臺灣華語的差別 (十個例子) Differences between Singaporean Mandarin and Taiwanese Mandarin (10 examples )
7:03  怎麼說 "to pay"? how to say to pay?   

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I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. I graduated from University de Savoie Mont Blanc, with a Master degree in Applied Foreign Language. Currently living in France. I speak Chinese, English, French, and now I'm self-learning Japanese. I love teaching and I’m also a language enthusiast!  My goal is to help students speak Taiwanese Mandarin naturally and discover Taiwanese culture at the same time. 
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