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Join Woody, for a no holds barred journey into the world of kink. This is the real deal, not 50 Shades of Grey! The host has been in the lifestyle for over 25 years and have experience from around the world.

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    #403 - Fister_Pussycat - Female Sounding


    Sounding has been an amazing adventure into all-new sensations for me. There aren't really words to describe it. I often call it "sensation overload". It has been more erotic and addictive than I ever thought possible. Sounding has also become a passion for me to do and share. Before I started, when I was researching how-to's and safety issues, I was really saddened and frustrated by the lack of information for women. Everything is geared towards men. It is like comparing peaches to bananas when sounding. So I started posting my journey on Fetlife to share all my experiences. The good ones and the mishaps. I have found there is a whole community of women curious and/or doing it. It has been such an added bonus to connect with them and share. I hope more women realize it is not just for men!….. Maybe someone will start making toys just for us, lol.. We have an entire other pleasure zone to explore and enjoy that most people never think about. My advice is to find others and ask questions. You won't find a guidebook like minds is your best resource. Happy Perving ~ Fisther
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    #402 - Gloria Brame - Trail Blazing Sexuality Author


    #402 - Gloria Brame - Trail Blazing Sexuality Author This week we have the return of Gloria Brame, a well-known author about service, relationships, and sexuality. Bio Dr. Gloria Brame found her way into the kink communities in 1984 and began her public activism in 1987 when she founded the first online BDSM support group in the Human Sexuality Forum of Compuserve. A lifestyle Femdom, Gloria remains at the forefront of BDSM education and activism. She was the lead author of Different Loving (1993) the first BDSM-positive book released by a major publisher. You can find all of her books on Amazon. Gloria has dedicated her life to helping people grow and evolve into who they really are by conquering shame, false teachings, and hopelessness. The first Ph.D. candidate in the U.S. to be granted a degree in BDSM/Fetish sex, she joined the American College of Sexologists and opened her sex therapy practice in 2002, focusing on kink, sexual performance, and self-growth. Gloria’s extensive independent research into sex science has earned her an international reputation as a thought-leader and visionary. She is one of the most frequently quoted sex experts in the world. She founded BED (a free BDSM history resource in 2018) and has served on the Boards of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation and The Leather Hall of Fame.
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    #401 - Floki & Fox - Needles 101


    I’m Floki, and my partner is Fox. Together we explore a range of sensory practices, with Fox having a particular penchant for pain play. Needle play is a kink I enjoy that meets her proclivities well. I first discovered an interest in Needle Play about five years ago. Since then, I’ve developed a range of techniques and practices that allow us to explore its more artistic forms. These include ways to create and realize designs in ways that minimize risk and maximize symmetry and balance. Recently we’ve started sharing those techniques and practices with others. This has involved showing people how I create templates and select materials. We also demonstrate how Fox prepares a clean, safe environment and takes care of the clean up afterwards. Needle Play brings us a great deal of joy and satisfaction, and we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to discuss it here on KinkyCast.
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    #400 - Episode 400 - 100 Top Shows


    It’s taken almost 8 years to get to episode 400. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since February 2014. Tonight we gathered Miss Leigh, Miss-Tress, Dr. Vanilla Nurse Ratched, and Touchy to discuss shows they like and to give you a feel for the depth of what we offer. We have hosted internationally notable speakers, tons of educational shows, and the shows that our audience like are the kinkster next door type and get their kink on where ever that can. We have compiled a listing of the top 100 plus some honorable mentions, for you to check out, with links to each show!
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    #399 - Lew Rubens - Rope Artist


    This week we invited our old friend, Lew Rubens back to the cast to help out on some listener questions. Lew is an experienced rigger and suspension artist, He has a love and passion of bondage that shows in his work. Known mostly for his wild suspensions, Lew joined the public side of BDSM play spring of 2001 and started his first website, and started teaching his unique simple bondage style which he branded as “Lewbari” the other “bari”.
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    #SE - Frolicon Vaccine Update with Pam and Dr. Dan


    This year Frolicon is serious about all attendees being vaccinated. So we asked our own Nurse Ratched to vaccinate “Franny” the Frolicon mascot. Pam and Dr. Dan lay out what this is all about and what you need to do to protect all your friends. We are expecting a big crowd and need everyone on board. Dr. Dan has enclosed some links to get the point across for you to and share with the hesitant.
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    #398 - Are You New to the Dungeon? with Tess


    Listeners have written in to learn how best to approach getting into Kink and BDSM play. Tonight’s guest has been active in making new players feel at home with all their new found kinks. She has been active in her local community and nationally with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. Tess (pronouns she/her/hers) is an Arizona kinkster with a message of inclusion and advocacy. Tess has been on the Board of Directors for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (Your Rights. Your Privacy. Your Freedom. (
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    #397 - Miss Vye - Even More Poly Than You!


    MissVye, age 28, from Idaho is a long time polyamorous switch. Growing up in a family who was openly sexual, non monogamous, and kinky it was no surprise that she followed suit. Since age 22, MissVye has practiced polyamory and been involved in local Fetlife and Facebook groups. In fact, she is a co-admin for a local polyamorous group for ages 18-35 on Facebook. Her relationship style is non hierarchical with an emphasis on allowing partners their independence. Kink-wise, MissVye is a switch who varies from babygirl to Mommy, sadist to bottom, and so much more. She currently has two boyfriends and a girlfriend. In her spare time, MissVye likes to be social and host local events, play with her two cats and dog, and paint.
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    #396 - Tom from hardART on Photography


    This week Woody speaks with Tom from hardART. Tom says, "I want to make art, damn sexy art. Landscapes, cityscapes and the female form are my base interests artistically, all the better melded into one image with cohesive composition. In my work, I hope you find true art that brightens your soul.”
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    #395 - Meet the 3 Founders of


    This week Woody speaks with the three founders of Kynk101, a website and podcast. Meet Shadow, DD, and Glass, a truly international effort to help fellow kinksters discover new kinks and how to play. Hop on over to a website that put the ‘Y’ in kink! Here is the website, to check out the great resources. Educational and reliable information on a broad list of mainstream and edgy fetishes. There are articles, journals and an interesting thing called “Kink in the wild”. Kink at a glance, or KAAG as they call it, let’s you search through their massive robust database and find related fetishes. And listen to DD’s sexy English accent!

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