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Kinda Christian

Ryan Bethea

Have you ever wanted to sit down with a top biblical scholar and ask them if there are errors in the Bible? We did. Kinda Christian features the top thinkers and leaders from all across the faith spectrum to wrestle through the tough questions of religion. At Kinda Christian the truth is what we are after. All views are welcome. All views are challenged. Kinda Christian digs into discrepancies in the gospels, the problem of suffering, eyewitnesses to medical miracles, and much more. Let's be honest, faith can be confusing. To some, the Bible appears to be a collection of myths, written down over thousands of years that offer the occasional moral nugget. To others it an absolute supernatural reality with thousands of testimonies of miracles and divine encounters. And making matters even more confusing, many groups disagree on some key doctrines. So how do we know the truth? We go out and find it. Join us as we sit down for some incredible conversations with some really smart people.

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