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Libertarian Matt Kibbe puts aside politics to have mostly honest conversations with mostly interesting people. Mostly because it’s really hard to be honest and interesting at the same time. Mostly because we want to have some fun, even as we argue about things that really matter — you know, things like beer. Kibbe digs a little deeper with guests from all over the political spectrum: Right, Left, and libertarian; smart, independent people who don’t give a damn about your preferred political tribe. Let’s listen and learn together. Subscribe to Kibbe on Liberty, the counter-counter-revolution of social media. Because endless virtue-signaling is a total buzzkill.

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    Ep 144 | Outsmarting the Medical-Industrial Complex | Guest: Sen. Rand Paul


    Matt Kibbe is joined by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to talk about the ways in which public health officials like Anthony Fauci have misled the American people by refusing to consider natural immunity and alternative COVID treatments, instead focusing entirely on vaccine and mask mandates. Rand is dismayed at all the support these policies have gained from pseudo-libertarians and urges people to take control of their medical care by learning to outsmart the hospital bureaucracy to get the treatment they need. When our leaders prove themselves to be untrustworthy, it is incumbent upon each of us to assume responsibility for keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy.
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    Ep 143 | The Biggest Threat to Liberty Is Comfort | Guest: Reed Coverdale


    Matt Kibbe is joined by Reed Coverdale, host of the Naturalist Capitalist podcast and professional trucker, to talk about the traditional American spirit of liberty and independence and how that has gradually been replaced by desire for short-term comfort over long-term fulfillment. At the same time, we’ve become terrified of experiencing the sort of loss that has been the norm for all of human existence and that goes a long way toward shaping character and inner strength. The country has become so focused on safety and security that no one wants to have adventures any more, but it’s those adventures that make life worth living.
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  • Kibbe on Liberty podcast

    Ep 142 | The World Is Getting Better | Guests: James Harrigan and Antony Davies


    Matt Kibbe is joined by James Harrigan and Antony Davies, economists and hosts of the Words & Numbers podcast. They explain how an objective look at economics reveals a world that is constantly improving, from improvements in technology to increases in lifespan and reductions in extreme poverty. The Americans who complain about their country lack the necessary perspective to see how much better the quality of life is than in any other country or any other time in history. Still, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be worried about the growing threats of inflation and centralized government power, which may reverse some of the gains we’ve made.
  • Kibbe on Liberty podcast

    Ep 141 | Why Won’t Anyone Talk About Natural Immunity? | Guest: Rep. Thomas Massie


    Matt Kibbe sits down with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) for a conversation that will surely attract the ire of censors everywhere. Massie explains why public health officials are ignoring the evidence for natural immunity acquired through exposure to COVID-19, why we’ve been repeatedly lied to about the effectiveness of face masks, and the subtle political strategy underlying the Biden administration’s planned vaccine mandates. Is it a conspiracy? Is it a cover-up? Or is everybody in power just incompetent? Watch to find out before this show gets scrubbed from the internet.
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    Ep 140 | It’s Dangerous to Support Freedom in Afghanistan | Guest: Khalid Ramizy


    Matt Kibbe talks to Khalid Ramizy, CEO of the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization, about the situation in Kabul during the departure of American forces. Khalid successfully managed to flee to Albania with his family, where he was able to find safety, but it took extraordinary cunning and great risk to escape the country. Khalid was also a particular target for the Taliban as the leader of a free-market think tank in Afghanistan. Those who wish to stand up for freedom in the Middle East are taking their lives into their own hands.
  • Kibbe on Liberty podcast

    Ep 139 | The West Is in Serious Trouble | Guest: Glenn Beck


    Matt Kibbe sits down with founder Glenn Beck to discuss his rescue activities in Afghanistan, as well as the increasingly depressing state of the world. Having seen unspeakable horrors with his own eyes, Beck now understands the magnitude of government’s cruelty and callousness towards ordinary people, even when lives are at stake. That knowledge, combined with the systematic attempts to dismantle the values and freedoms of Western civilization, makes it difficult to be an optimist at this particular time in history, although Kibbe gives it the old college try.
  • Kibbe on Liberty podcast

    Ep 138 | We Have to Choose Between Dangerous Freedom and Peaceful Slavery | Guest: JP Sears


    Matt Kibbe sits down with comedian JP Sears to talk about his evolution from a spiritual satirist to a champion of freedom. As the political landscape has shifted, JP saw his liberties legitimately threatened for the first time and was surprised to find how little the rest of his community cared. The generation that grew up with participation trophies has gotten used to never having to deal with discomfort, which leads them to expect someone else to solve all their problems. What they have to realize is that if you want to live free, it’s not always going to be safe or easy, whereas if you want to feel safe, it means giving up most of your personal autonomy.
  • Kibbe on Liberty podcast

    Ep 137 | No Americans Left Behind Should Be the Goal in Afghanistan | Guest: Rep. Warren Davidson


    Matt Kibbe sits down with veteran and congressman Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) to discuss Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. While Rep. Davidson has long advocated ending the war, he views it as unacceptable to leave American soldiers, civilians, and allies behind to fall into the grip of the Taliban. Davidson and a group of Republican veterans in Congress have been asking Nancy Pelosi to reconvene the House of Representative to put pressure on the Biden administration to cut through the diplomatic bureaucracy and make complete evacuation a priority.
  • Kibbe on Liberty podcast

    Ep 136 | Telling Stories of Freedom Through Film | Guest: Jo Ann Skousen


    Matt Kibbe sits down with Jo Ann Skousen, director of the Anthem Film Festival at FreedomFest in Rapid City, South Dakota. For ten years, Anthem has been a place to celebrate and encourage visual storytelling with a focus on issues of liberty and personal responsibility. Jo Ann explains how she came to find the festival, how it has grown and changed over the years, and why the ability to put together a compelling narrative, either through fiction or nonfiction, is essential to anyone who wishes to reach a broad audience of any kind.
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    Ep 135 | The Afghanistan Withdrawal Was Botched, but Necessary | Guests: Kelley Vlahos and Matt Purple


    Matt Kibbe is joined by Kelley Vlahos from the Quincy Institute and Matt Purple of the American Conservative for an emergency special edition of Kibbe on Liberty to sort out what is happening in Afghanistan and whether President Biden should be praised for ending the twenty-year conflict or condemned for mismanaging the withdrawal. Americans have voted for anti-war rhetoric in each of the last six presidential elections, and now at last they are seeing some results. Ending the war was never going to be pretty, but it was nevertheless necessary and long overdue.

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