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What Lies Beneath the Amityville Horror on Haunted Hill

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Happy October my fiendish friends!!

Welcome to a special Halloween episode of KEEP IT WEIRD: The podcast for all things strange and unusual, haunted and harrowing and full of monsters and maniacs! 

This week is all about HAUNTED HOUSES!!  They've been around since, well... since we've started living in houses!  And that's because ghosts have been around since people started dying.  And demons may have been around even longer.

We have a VERY special guest on the show, LINDSEY BRISBINE!  Lindsey is the host and producer of THE CHILLING PODCAST: a serialized show that details the true events behind a real-life haunting that took place in Kent, Ohio.  It's full of first hand accounts of the supernatural as well as interviews with psychics, doctors, religious experts, psychologists and witnesses!

Lindsey joins Ashley & Lauren to discuss their haunted house experiences and their all time favorite haunted house MOVIES as well as a few that didn't quite hit the mark.  What haunted house movie is the CLOSEST to what it's actually like to live inside a haunted home?  Tune in to find out...



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