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We Were On A Break!

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Hi Weirdos!! 

Did ya miss us?!  We have officially been on hiatus since December of 2023 and it's time to dust off our denim and ge back in the saddle!

This is just a little treat for you as we prep for SEASON 8 of our show which will be starting VERY soon (like next week soon) 

A couple hundred of you have already heard these clips because you are OFFICIAL WEIRDOS FOR LIFE and are members of our patreon.  But for those of you who are NOT members of our patreon-- here is a sneak peek of what you've been missing this year!

We've had THREE RETURNING GUESTS: Tyler, Mike & Madi back on the show to tell us some of their personal spooky stories.  Lauren's parents came on the show!! What!! We talked about death and dying, crazy news stories, true crime, conspiracies, bad valentines, maggots on airplanes and so much more.

Hope you enjoy this little clip-isode and we hope it gets you pumped up for another season of strangeness :)


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