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The Women Who Stare at Ghosts

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TW: child abuse, murder, sexual assault, poisoning, execution   Hi Weirdos! Welcome back to Keep It Weird, the podcast for all things strange & unusual!  As with our last episode, there is no video for this episode WOMP WOMP our bad but have no fear!! Videos will be back in episode 3.     THIS WEEK HOWEVER, Episode 2 of Season 8, we are getting pretty dark.  Usually we like to balance out the darkness with the light (as above, so below - praise Baphomet) but hey sometimes it doesn't work out that way.   Lauren is starting us out with a new segment called REALITY TV CORNER and is introducing us to some REALLY messed up reality tv shows that, not surprisingly, did not make it further than a season or two.  THE SWAN on Fox wherein "ugly" women were given full plastic surgery makeovers to win a chance to compete in a beauty pageant and KID NATION on CBS which should have just been called "Child Endangerment: The Series."   Then Ashley takes the lead to teach us about a man named Jolly who was not very Jolly at all.  Louis Joyland West has some of the clearest and most nefarious connections of ANY scientist to the CIA's top secret (now declassified) program MK ULTRA (1953-1973) and one event he is connected to is so horrific... so monstrous... and so suspicious that you will struggle to believe it.   Check out some links below if you want to do your OWN reading on the topics we discussed today.     Follow us on instagram & twitter @keepitweirdcast.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel at  Join our PATREON to get two bonus episodes every month + discounts on merch at  Every penny goes toward producing this show.   Reality TV Corner   Jolly West/MK ULTRA                   ReplyForward   Add reaction

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