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To celebrate our absolute favorite time of year we are coming at you with a classic.  It’s time to tell each other GHOST STORIES!!

All of the stories you are about to hear are REAL!  They happened to real people just like you; some of which are listeners, just like you!! So you never know when you’ll have a spooky tale of your own to submit…

This week we have ghosts, psychics, shared dreams, creepy polaroids, haunted dorm rooms, mysterious strangers, creepy omens and so much more.

So, light your protection candle, sprinkle some salt around you and cozy up under those blankets— it’s time to get scared.

WARNING: This episode features MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS that may be jarring to sensitive listeners.  We have uploaded a MUSIC & SOUND EFFECT FREE version of this episode to our Patreon at at no cost to you.  But, while you’re there, consider donating to our show!  Consider it our Halloween treat.

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