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TW: death, overdose, missing persons, mental health, poisoning  

Hi Weirdos!  Welcome to season 8 of Keep It Weird!! 

  First off, lets just get the business end out of the way.  There is NO video for this episode.  We're taking it back to the old school.  NOT by choice, we recorded episode 1 and 2 last weekend and our video files did NOT make it out alive.  What, did you think this would go smoothly?  Did you think we could just JUMP BACK IN to the show we've been doing for over 7 years and things would just WORK OUT?  That's not the world we're living in, baby.  lol   That being said SEASON 8 is going to be full of strange and horrifying stories, hilarious and interesting guests and far more of ASHLEY & LAUREN than we ever imagined you guys would be into.   In this first episode, we're just dipping our toe & testing the waters.  We're updating you on what's been going on in our world, what we've done over hiatus, and our absolute favorite things that have happened in the last three months.   We discuss the missing Kate Middleton, the Miami Mall aliens in Florida, how sad we are to have missed Willy's Chocolate Experience in Glasgow and we even give a quick update on those men found dead in their friends backyard in Missouri.   We also wouldn't leave you hanging on the creep factor-- we close out the show with some creepy real life ghost stories sure to send a chill up your spine.  

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