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  A new Titanic Conspiracy Theory is here, hot off the presses! Welcome to KEEP IT WEIRD, the podcast for all things strange & unusual and the BEST place to find fear and fun.   This week we've got FOUR strange segments for you starting off strong with a WHERE IN THE WORLD (Is Keep It Weird Going?!) Lauren is taking us to bright and sunny.... Connecticut?  Yep, that's what my notes say.  We're going to Connecticut to check out the world's only (??) CHRISTIAN theme park!  Theme park is... a bit of a stretch, admittedly, but HOLY LAND USA is an American landmark that should probably be torn down for safety reasons.  Built in the 50s and officially shut down in 1984 this abandoned death trap has been sitting on a hill in Waterbury for almost FOUR decades and you can learn all about it here.   Next up is ANCIENT ARTIFACTS with ADDIE RIFE!  Ashley is going to be teaching us all about an artifact from the 1800s that has seen more of the world than either of our two hosts.  If you guessed that the artifact was Napoleon Bonaparte's penis then you should play the lottery.  Find out where Napoleon's penis is and where it's been and what it looks like today!    Lauren sings My Heart Will Go On with a CONSPIRACY THEORY all about our favorite boat.  And our favorite banker?  He's basically the only banker we know.  JP Morgan (of Real Housewives fame) MAY have been behind the sinking of this famous ship all in the name of greed.  Find out why "Titanic Truthers" believe this wild conspiracy.   And finally, Ashley sends us packing with a brand new segment CREEPY CLOWN WATCH!! Pretty self explanatory, we'll be learning all about a creepy killer clown from Chicago IL!  No not THAT creepy killer clown, a different one!   Charles "Conway the Clown" Cramer (and his wife Mary) for sure killed one woman, but may have killed more, in Chicago in the early 20th Century.  What came of the traveling circus couple after the murder(s)?  Listen to find out....   Check out some links below if you want to do more research on today's FASCINATING topics!    Follow us on social media @keepitweirdcast to stay up to date on episode releases, peep some of our funniest clips, contribute to future segments & participate in giveaways!    Please consider donating to our PATREON at  You can donate as little as $1 and as much as $50 to our show and get bonus episodes, discounts on merchandise & sponsored segment opportunities in return!  AND you help us produce our show and ensure many new episodes to come.       Your Move Holy Land (USA)   Napoleon's Member   Banker Busts Boat for Banknotes https:/   Killer Clowns from Chicagoland      

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