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Hi Weirdos!  Welcome to another episode of KEEP IT WEIRD— the podcast for all things strange & unusual!

Every week we get together to chat about all things WEIRD and this one is a bit of a doozy.

We only have TWO segments for you today as they are a little bit more hefty than our usuals but don’t worry, we’re packing the same punch.

Lauren goes first as she teaches us all about a 66 year old UNSOLVED MYSTERY known as THE BOY IN THE BOX! We learn about the discovery of the body, the autopsy reports, the investigation, the theories and where we are with the case today.

Ashley then heads into TERRIFYING TECHNOLOGY where we attempt to rank and review the technology present in episodes of Black Mirror.  From uploading your consciousness to bringing back the dead with AI to human yelp reviews to killer robo dogs.  We attempt to decide WHICH future tech is the worst case scenario and we look at a few technologies that actually exist or are being created today that seem to have been inspired by this horror sci fi show!

If you want to read more about the subjects discussed in today’s episode check out the links below!

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Boy in the Box


Terrifying Tech/Black Mirror



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