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It's time for a graveyard smash, weirdos! 

Welcome to another creep-tastic episode of KEEP IT WEIRD- the podcast for all things strange, unusual and... classic?

This week we're taking a trip back in time to chat about UNIVERSAL CLASSIC MONSTERS!! And.... one DC character, but we'll get to that.

Ashley & Lauren are joined once again by our monster expert BILLY ROACH as we take a look at who created these monsters and why.

Billy starts us off by covering FRANKENSTEIN; the fascinating details of how and where it was written by Mary Shelley, as well as the various film versions of the creature and movies and monsters that have been inspired by the stitched-together-man over the decades!

Ashley comes in with THE INVISIBLE MAN!  What were HG Well's inspirations for creating this man who couldn't be seen?  The amazing special effects that haven't been beated so far from a movie made in 1933, why Hollow Man is the best interpretation of this character in the 21st Century, and why The Invisible Man (2020) is actually NOT a good movie.

And finally, Lauren.  Poor Lauren, who was given the assignment of "Swamp Thing" because Ashley didn't know there was a difference between SWAMP THING and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  But guess what?  SHE KNOWS NOW!  Lauren dives into both the fish man AND the plant man in her segment-- teaching us the origins of Swamp Thing in DC Comics, the various past iterations of the monster on film and even some upcoming projects to look forward to featuring this man-plant.

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