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Luck Be a Meteorite

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Are you feelin' lucky, punks?  

Welcome to KEEP IT WEIRD, the podcast for all things strange and unusual, and it's our very first (somehow?) FRIDAY THE 13TH SPECIAL!! 

To celebrate another glorious week in October we are bringing you a very UNLUCKY episode to celebrate this very UNLUCKY day and it gets better; today we are joined by one of your all time favorite guests: JOE OCHS!! 

That's right, HANDSOME JOE has returned and now you even get to see his face! (If you are watching on But never his eyes.  No... never his eyes.

This week we are trying to figure out who is the UNLUCKIEST PERSON IN HISTORY!  Whether they were struck by lightning, hit by a meteorite or living life like poor Jeanne Rogers who couldn't catch a break if she PAID for one... today we've got a little bit of it all.

Check out our list of UNLUCKY persons below and let us know who YOU think is the UNLUCKIEST person.

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Good luck out there.


1: Ann Hodges - Hit by a Meteorite

2: Henry Gunther - last soldier to die in WW1

3: Henry Ziegland - killed by bullet that was shot 20 years prior

4: Jeanne Rogers - where do I begin?  Struck by lightning, attacked by bat, humiliated at pool

5: Monica Seles - Tennis superstar stabbed in the back

6: Fran Selak - Croatian man who almost died 100 times

7: Costis Mitsokakis - Only man who didn't win the lottery

8: Erik Norrie - Florida Man that animals hate

9: Melanie Martinez - Lost all her homes to hurricanes

10: Pete Best - Was almost a Beatle

11: Jerome Moody - Drowned at a Lifeguard Party



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