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Just Another Foggy Tuesday

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Well well well, guess who’s back on their BS Weirdos! 

We’re back and we’re very sorry for the brief hiatus- sometimes life just cocks it’s fist back and gives you a swift left hook to the jaw and knocks you on your ass and the thought of being silly (and especially talking about death) is inconceivable.  But we appreciate how lovely and forgiving you always are when we have to miss a week, especially when it is unexpected.

This week your girls have some GREAT segments for you starting off with a BRAND NEW SEGMENT called DON’T FEAR THE REAPER!! This week’s DFTR is all about how reincarnation is totally real– it has to be!  How else would you explain the life of Dorothy Eady??  Dorothy was born a normal girl in London in 1904 and everything was totally ordinary until the age of three on the day she DIED.  But don’t worry she came back…. Again?

Lauren follows it up with one of her favorite segments CURSED CROONERS AND SPOOKY SONGS and today the gals learn that they really didn’t know anything about the BUDDY HOLLY CURSE– but have no fear, you’ll learn it all here.  Buddy Holly died in a plane crash in February 3, 1959 while on tour along with musicians Ritchie Valle and “The Big Bopper” JP Richardson and if that wasn’t unlucky enough… death seemed to follow the other tour performers around.  Is it a curse?  Or were they all DESTINATIONED?!

Ashley follows CCASS with a PARANORMAL PARADISE about a house that bled?!  It’s true, in 1987 in Atlanta Georgia the home of William and Minnie Winston started to produce HUMAN blood… and no one could tell them why.

And finally, Lauren finishes off the episode with QUESTION QUESTION and the gals get a good laugh about what they would each be arrested for.

Check out some links BELOW if you want to read more about the stories told on today’s episode.


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