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A Very Un-Mele Kalikimaka

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It’s a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day and we’re here to F*CK SH*T UP.

Welcome Weirdos to our last REGULAR episode of the season!  It’s time to get a little festive!

This week we have FOUR gruesome, creepy, mind-bending, strange stories for you to feast your ears (and eyes!) on.

Lauren starts us off with a beautiful vacation into a PARANORMAL PARADISE!  She teaches us about the legend of Hawaii’s MOST HAUNTED HOUSE- The Kaimuki House- and the (Japanese??) ghost (cat??) that lives inside it

Ashley swings us around to a CONSPIRACY THEORY that Human Beings could not have been originally FROM planet Earth and the proof of that lies in our wittle babies.  Humans are the only mammals on the planet that need YEARS to be able to care/fend for themselves… but why is that? Is it because this isn’t our planet?

Lauren comes back at us with a TRUE CRIME TIME that has a Christmas twist!  On December 25 1929 in Germantown, North Carolina Charles Davis “Charlie” Lawson murdered his wife and six of his seven children.  What on Earth could have driven him to do such a horrific act?

And finally, to lighten things up a bit, Ashley finishes off the episode with a new segment all about URBAN LEGENDS!  But not the ones we are familiar with here in the US— we’re traveling to Ukraine to investigate the mystery of the BLACK VOLGA and then hitting up South Korea to see if there’s anything behind their fear of electric fans.

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