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Scaling the Healthcare Industry for Maximum Impact with Pfizer

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The need for a company to act quickly and scale efficiently is imperative when a global crisis is at hand. Fortunately, prior to the pandemic, the leadership at Pfizer had already been laying the groundwork for digital transformation with the help of Lidia Fonseca. When the demands grew, the company was prepared to scale, allowing it to bring desperately needed help to the world. 

Tune in to learn:

  • Pfizer’s tactic of increasing scaleability by creating a CTO role. (01:40) 
  • Building a strong culture as a foundation before the pandemic (8:14)
  • The personal toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on Lidia. (14:12)
  • Leadership advice in time of crisis (21:00)
  • The exponential future impact of technology in healthcare (26:29)


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