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How Innovation Meets Sustainability in Modern Office Spaces

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How has finding the perfect solution for physical office spaces evolved since hybrid working has become more prevalent? James Quinn, Executive Managing Director at JLL, shares how the company analyzes the aspirations and layouts of businesses to provide the best option for building or buying a physical office space that accommodates hybrid and in-person companies. Tune in to learn more about how JLL incorporates sustainable options as well as technological advancements into its plans for the companies it partners with. 

Tune in to learn:

  • How the market shift is affecting JLL and what it offers (01:20)
  • What JLL does to curate the perfect space for a company (08:50)
  • About the first steps of building within sustainability (11:57)
  • How Beacon Of Hope 365 inspires Jim to focus on the positives of technology (22:48)


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