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Postpartum Body Image, with Brittainy Taylor

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Make sure you check out our new YouTube channel for the on-camera version of our new episodes!! Brittainy Taylor - who you may have seen on Very Cavallari, behind the scenes at Uncommon James, on her SO real in the best way social channels, or cuddling her precious baby girl.. joins us to talk about the struggle of postpartum body image. Pregnancy gives you a cute little round, hard belly... and birth gives you some squishy bits that you were NOT prepared for, but are supposed to love and appreciate. Brittainy has been very open about her own journey - she went from being a model with unrealistic body expectations, to a mom who is now working to love her post baby body - and she opens up about ALL of it. We talk about the literal weight of nursing boobs, the balance between feeling like crap when you get dressed and wanting to be body positive, the harm that negative self-talk can cause, and the uphill battle of trying to keep up with mom influencers. Plus, the importance of buying close that FIT your current body! We love Brittainy for her realness, her kindness, and her love of dance parties... she is truly part of our mom squad, and we know you'll love the amazing insight and advice she has to share! 


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