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Cliff Oxford: Swampside Eliteside Upsidedowns

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E273 Cliff Oxford, born and raised on Swamp Road in Waycross, Gerogia, received a double major in history and political science from Emory. He’s the founder of Cliffco Think Tank, has written for the New York Times and Forbes magazine. The three-time author’s newest book, Redneck Reverie: The Rationale for the Trump Phenomenon, tells the […]

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  • Hey Human Podcast podcast

    Ben Kutylo: A Different Approach to Change


    E283 Human Ben Kutylo is executive director at ForwARd Arkansas, working to “accelerate the innovative and equitable transformation of education in Arkansas.” He’s worked with Chicago schools to help educators change the direction of learning. He’s also the co-founder of Fremont Street, a national nonprofit philanthropy dedicated to helping school systems change from within. We […]
  • Hey Human Podcast podcast

    Dr. Thomas Ousterhout: The Mind is a Deceiver


    E282 Human Dr. Thomas Ousterhout, a psychologist, and member of the Association of Computing Machinery, writes about mental health for TheMighty.com and the “Conquer Your Mind” group, is the author of “The Matrix Has You,” and wrote his dissertation on text emojis! We discuss his own suicide attempt in childhood, his subsequent experience on “lockdown” […]
  • Hey Human Podcast podcast

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  • Hey Human Podcast podcast

    Andrea James: The Gift of Fearlessness


    E281 Human Andrea James is a consumer activist, writer, producer, filmmaker, “sexual radical,” and transgender pioneer. She began her career in advertising, has created award-winning websites and videos of trans-related and scholarly content, founded a production company and the Gender Media foundation, edited thousands of Wikipedia pages, voice-coached trans women, and has recently been asked […]
  • Hey Human Podcast podcast

    Dr. Mao: The Natural Way


    E280 Human Dr. Mao is a 38th generation practitioner of Chinese medicine and is co-founder of Tao of Wellness and Yo San University, both award winning centers for health and Traditional Chinese Medicine graduate education, respectively. He’s the author of over a dozen books about health and anti-aging. For more information and links, please visit: […]
  • Hey Human Podcast podcast

    Vince DiPersio: Original Sins


    E279 Human Vince DiPersio is a documentarian. His award-winning work in film and t.v. as an audio-visual storyteller has covered decades of events and humans, including; “The Last Days of Kennedy and King,” “The Big Question,” “People of Earth,” “Hate. com,” “Who Killed Tupac,” and most recently, in partnership with Kim Kardashian West, “The Justice […]
  • Hey Human Podcast podcast

    Cameron Esposito: Hold the Door Open


    E278 Cameron Esposito is a standup comedian, activist, host and founder of Queery podcast, and author of her memoir “Save Yourself.” She grew up Catholic and studied theology. We discuss representation, comedy, religion, and cancel culture. Her standup special “Rape Jokes” is about sexual assault from a survivor’s perspective, with proceeds benefiting RAINN. She’s appeared […]
  • Hey Human Podcast podcast

    Brad Koepenick: The Luckiest Man in the World


    E277 Human Brad Koepenick‘s life has been dedicated to lifting up, educating, championing and helping others see their own kind of magic. He’s an award-winning educator, philanthropist, activist, actor, producer, writer, co-founder and president of SparkRise.com, and he grew up with some of Hollywood’s most talented, calling Val Kilmer a “soul brother.” Together, he and […]
  • Hey Human Podcast podcast

    Jason Rogers: Timing and Lighting


    E276 Human Jason Rogers is an American saber fencer, two-time Olympian and Olympic silver medalist. He’s a regular contributor to Men’s Health magazine and started “The Mandate Letter” online, where he explores themes related to masculinity, including his own past struggles with sexual performance anxiety. We discuss his writing, what it takes to be an […]
  • Hey Human Podcast podcast

    Dr. Frances Yahia: Jealous Gods and Skinny Cows


    E275 Human Dr. Frances Yahia is a mental health counselor, Akashic records reader, archetypal astrologer, and has studied metaphysics for more than three decades. We discuss her growing up in a cult, religion, spiritual realms, the power of Myth, dreams and so much more! For more information and links, please visit: HeyHumanpodcast.com
  • Hey Human Podcast podcast

    Megs Colleen: The Reclamation Journey


    E274 Human Megs Colleen started to realize the person she was told she was, wasn’t the person she actually was, which, from a young age, created confusion and defiance in her, and made her feel like a misfit. She now calls herself an “unholy outsider,” a far step from the Evangelical past she turned her […]

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