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Prebiotics, Probiotics, And Gut Testing With Dr. Jason Hawrelak

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In this episode I speak with Dr. Hawrelak about:

  • Important stool testing markers such as: pH, calprotectin, butyrate, akkermansia, and fecalibacterium.
  • The use of prebiotics and probiotics, and whether we should use single or multi strain.
  • Probiotics for SIBO.
  • Transit time testing.
  • Why we might react to probiotics.

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    How To Improve Brain Health with Brendan Vermeire


    In todays episode I speak with Brendan Vermeire, aka The Holistic Savage. This is the third or fourth time I have spoken with Brendan and in true Alex-Brendan style we talk about......a lot! We talk about metabolic health and brain health (in particular the microglia - an immune cell in the brain), resilience, allostasis, mistakes we see in the functional medicine space, behaviour change, psychedelics, the #selfhealers movement and more!
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    Mitochondria in health and disease with Ray Griffiths


    In todays episode I speak with Ray Griffiths about the importance of our mitochondria, a sub-component of our cells that used to be a bacteria 1.5 billion years ago. We discuss what they are, what they do, how we can support them (i.e keep them healthy and functioning well) and what tests we can consider to evaluate their function.
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    Psychedelics and Autoimmunity


    In this short episode I summarise a paper entitled "Psychedelics as a novel approach to treating autoimmune conditions". The authors discuss how psychedelics may potentially offer an efficacious strategy for relieving and perhaps even resolving autoimmunity by targeting: - Psychospiritual origins. - Maladaptive chronic stress responses. - Inflammatory pathways. - Immune modulation. - Enteric microbiome populations.
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    Psoriasis And Gut Health


    In this solo episode Alex provides a summary of the research indicating that imbalances in the digestive may contribute to psoriasis. Considerations include leaky gut, SIBO, imbalances in the large intestine, microbial metabolites, gut inflammation,  and coeliac disease/gluten sensitivity. To watch the presentation head over to the Healthpath youtube channel.
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    Wake Up To Sleep with Charlie Morley


    I speak with Charlie Morley, a lucid dreaming teacher and author who helps people wake up in their dreams & harness the power of sleep for psychological growth. We discuss his new book, 'Wake Up To Sleep'. We cover: - the science of how stress and trauma affect sleep - how yoga nidra and mindfulness practices enhance sleep, partly via deep relaxation and the parasympathetic nervous system - specific breathwork practices to regulate the nervous system. - how learning to become lucid can help transform nightmares - and much more! Charlie's books: - Wake Up to Sleep: - Dreaming through Darkness: - Dreams of Awakening: - Lucid Dreaming Made Easy: Charlie's website:
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    Grief And Psychedelics with Stuart Preston


    In todays episode I speak with Stuart Preston, author of The Grief Trip. The Grief Trip is a story of learning to heal with grief with the help of psychedelics. The loss of his son at 19 changed Stuart's life forever. This is his unique method of learning to move forward in life, to heal with his grief. It's time to break the stigmas around mental health, suicide, and psychedelics. When we do that, we might save some lives. You can order the book here:
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    The Immune System with Dr. Jenna Macciochi


    I speak with Dr. Macciochi about the foundations of a healthy immune system: personalised nutrition, appropriate physical activity and stress management techniques, and adequate sleep. Note the use of language here - a key theme running through todays conversation is context. Something that is always lacking in conversations around nutrition and lifestyle. Another key theme from today is consistency. We simply have to be consistent in creating health.
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    The Gut Microbiome with Dr. Leo Galland


    I speak with Dr. Galland about his views on leaky gut, SIBO, IBD, the gut-brain axis, hydrogen sulfide, and 'the pathobiome'. We talk about the importance of polyphenols and microbiome metabolites such as butyrate. 
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    What Causes Histamine Intolerance: The Role Of The Gut With Alex Manos


    In this episode I share the audio from a youtube video I released on the healthpath channel, where I discuss the role of gut health in histamine intolerance. We discuss what histamine is, where it is found and what produces it, the metabolism of histamine, testing options to understand what might be contributing to it, and general interventions to help manage symptoms while the underlying issue is addressed.
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    Breathwork & Colostrum For Gut Health with Niraj Naik


    In todays episode I speak with Niraj Naik, founder of Soma Breath. Niraj shares with us his journey from being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and being told he needed surgery, to where he is today - thriving! He shares with us how breathwork can support gut health, and how colostrum helped heal his gut. He also shares with us some of the science behind breathwork including its impact on the default mode network. His message is simple, to heal yourself requires knowing yourself.

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