Growth Talks podcast

Growth Talks

Michal Sadowski & Mick Griffin

Join hosts Michal Sadowski and Mick Griffin as they share powerful insights and proven strategies for success in the digital marketplace. This engaging podcast dives deep into AI, online business, e-commerce, digital marketing, website optimization, and more, equipping entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive.

Mick Griffin, the Chief Growth Officer at Traffit, a recruitment ATS, has an exceptional record of driving exponential growth. With 13 years of experience in growth roles at Brand24 and GetResponse, Mick has established himself as an expert in the SaaS industry. His passion lies in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success, and he has recently expanded his focus to include People and Culture. Mick is also the visionary behind Pipeline Summit, a renowned SaaS sales conference, and contributes actively as a mentor at GrowthMentor whenever his schedule permits.

Michal Sadowski, the Founder at Brand24, a media monitoring tool used by 4000+ customers across 159 countries. Mentor at Startup Weekend & Founder Institute. The author of the "Social Media Revolution" bestselling book. Awarded "Best Co-Founder" in The Next Web Startup Awards. Web Summit Conference People's Stage winner.

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