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I’m Pregnant!! And Pregnancy Symptoms & Birth Plan Q&A

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I’m so excited to share…. I’m pregnant!!!! And what an incredible initiation it has been! I have been diving into ALL the layers of pregnancy and have lots of exciting things to share with you, including:

  • How I found out I was pregnant
  • What my symptoms have been like
  • My approach to resolving morning sickness
  • What pregnancy cravings REALLY mean and how to listen to them
  • Why I chose NOT to take a prenatal
  • My home birth plan
  • Maternity brands I’m eager to try
  • And more!



My hormone and period program is open for enrollment THIS WEEK ONLY! Get to the root of your symptoms, learn how to balance your hormones and receive expert support

A reminder, this episode shares MY experience! I encourage you to do your own research and decide what is right for you. 


And if you have questions you’d like to submit to my home birth episode, please watch my IG stories for the question box in about a week! 

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