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Hormones, Birth Control and Oral Health with Dr. Leedia Riman

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You asked and I’m delivering!! I am ecstatic to welcome Biological Dentist Dr. Leedia Riman onto the podcast today. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned more about oral health and biological dentistry from Instagram than I have in my years of seeing dentists! Dr. Leedia’s account stood out to me because she talks about SO much that’s often overlooked by standard dentists - how hormones impact our teeth, the truth about fluoride and considerations as women to keep our oral health optimal

This episode will probably blow you away and make you feel so much more empowered in your oral health. If you’re seeking a dentist like Dr. Leedia, I recommend searching for Bi

In this episode we talk about:

  • What biological dentistry really is
  • Why women are more prone to dental problems
  • How pregnancy, egg freezing and IVF impact oral health
  • How birth control negatively impacts the teeth
  • Is fluoride good to use??
  • Key things to do to support your oral health while pregnant
  • Benefits of hydroxyapatite 
  • What happens if we mouth breath a lot
  • Dr. Leedia’s five pillars to healthy teeth
  • What to do about receding gum lines and cavities
  • Nutrition and oral health
  • The roles of K2 and Vitamin D3
  • And so much more

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About today’s guest:

I’m Dr Leedia and I am a biological dentist focusing on whole body health: specifically, women’s dental health and early childhood dental education. 

Dental trauma often stems from childhood, and that can be significantly changed through infant oral health before teeth come in and positive connection. Dental decay ranks as the #1 chronic disease worldwide amongst children - completely preventable. 

Over 65% of women go through preventable dental disease during or soon after their pregnancies. Gum disease and inflammation in the oral cavity are linked to premature labor, lower birthweights, heart disease and the list goes on! 

It’s time to put our mouth back where it belongs, our body! The mouth-body connection is a real one. Hormones don’t discriminate. Dental materials and procedures used in the mouth have an impact on the body. And many physical diseases impact the wellness of the oral cavity. 

My mission as a dentist is to bring women’s dental health to the table, through education, and empowerment. In creating a liaison between the medical world and dental world, we are bridging the gap and creating the ability for our patients to achieve optimal whole body health.

Connect with Dr. Leedia: @drleedia

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