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Healing and Nourishment Postpartum with Kelsi Ludvigsen

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Welcome back! So excited to talk about the postpartum window and answer all of your amazing questions you asked on Instagram! Women tend to spend so much time preparing for pregnancy and birth but sometimes the postpartum window is overlooked. How long is ideal for rest? What is the significance of the fourth trimester? What could help us have a more replenishing experience post birth? My interview with Kelsi Ludvigsen answers these questions and more!

This episode is part of our #cyclicalbirthseries 

And as always with everything on my platform and podcast, this is educational and never to invoke shame. 

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In this episode we talk about:

  • What the fourth trimester really is
  • How long we should rest for
  • How to set yourself up for a restful postpartum window
  • When a period may be expected to return
  • How to prevent postpartum depression
  • Options to get more help from your family or community
  • What our hormones are doing after baby arrives
  • How much blood loss is normal
  • How to get support during the postpartum period
  • And so much more

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About today’s guest Kelsi:

Kelsi Ludvigsen is a postpartum educator, Visionary and mother of two living in copenhagen denmark. She is a yoga studio owner turned postpartum doula and her goal with her work is to keep it simple, realistic, and possible for all postpartum people. ⁠⁠ 

⁠⁠ Her mission is to revolutionize the way we show up for postpartum culture and motherhood through evidence-based research mixed with traditional wisdom and self-care so that a community of mothers emerge feeling empowered, healed, and celebrated.⁠⁠

@kelsiludvigsen can be a great website for friends and family to sign up to bring meals or offer services like house cleaning or mama help 

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